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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

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Question 1
Which of these is not part of the digestive system?
Question 2
Thanks to the then-new concept of refrigeration, who enjoyed a leg of lamb that had been sent to England from Australia in 1879?
Question 3
The airport serving Doncaster and Sheffield in England is named for what unlikely person, who would likely take peanuts from business class passengers and pass them around in coach?
Question 4
Which of these landforms is an area of land lying between hills or mountains?
Question 5
If you're like most people, what can't you do with your eyes open?
Question 6
He figured out gravity and the three laws of motion, but apparently never figured out how to get a woman into bed. Who?
Question 7
Torald Sollmann tried to find an antidote to what horrific gas ... by spraying himself with it?
Question 8
What is the term for the capacity of a body or system to do work?
Question 9
What does the immune system use to recognize bacteria and viruses?
Question 10
What disease was initially called GRID, or gay-related immunodeficiency disease?
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